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    phebe khalil, ryt – yoga instructor, owner

    phebe is equally an artist & yogi.  she has been practicing different forms of yoga since 2007, during her time in san francisco she studied under various teachers mainly engaging in vinyasa & iyengar.

    she finds the philosophy of yoga and the asanas (postures) to be a remarkable tool for creativity and a way to connect & lighten up in every day life!  certified in vinyasa yoga through a yoga registered alliance school, joschi body bodega in new york city, her classes are structured for many levels flowing through the postures using breath as a tool for calming, strength, & concentration.

    above all, she believes each student is their own teacher, promoting personal awareness, intention, and acceptance.

    to learn more about phebe, visit her photography site here:  phebe

    alaina chip, ryt – yoga instructor

    alaina holds a MA from Columbia University and a BA from Rutgers University, her work as a local union leader and teacher of students with behavioral challenges led her to discover yoga and bring it into her life and classroom.

    yoga has helped her connect to her true self and has truly changed the way she lives.  she is an active mother and wife having completed several half marathons and sprint triathlons as she strives to be “fit in your 40s”.  alaina received her 200 hour certification through Yoga Education Institute with Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ and a 50 hour prenatal yoga intensive through Nectar and Nurture Yoga in Lawenceville, NJ. her classes focus on the breath and movement, fostering a sense of using the breath to deepen and be present.  alaina teaches you to honor your body and take yourself to your own edge; her classes are for all levels as she offers variations for everyone.

    having been a public school teacher for over 18 years, alaina also fosters friendship and light heartedness in each class while helping you to be fit, flexible, and de-stress.

    denise stump, ryt – yoga instructor

    Denise’s journey on the mat began as a teen as she joined her best friend and mother to a yoga class! Her intention was to support her mom, definitely not to pursue a yoga practice!  Needless to say as she moved away to college she put her mat away and pursued a BS in Exercise Science!  It wasn't until after starting a family that she returned to her mat.  When returning to her mat to obtain a “physical practice” she was pleasantly surprised to find much more.

    Yoga has been a life changing practice for Denise.  From meditation to a powerful asana, her practice enables her to attain mental and physical wellbeing!  She loves to create safe, alignment based, physically challenging sequences that require mental focus, allowing others to remain present on their mats throughout practice.

    Denise received her 200 RYT through the Yoga Education Institute with Tula Yoga and completed her 500 RYT training with Yoga Works in January 2016.

    Join Denise on the mat for a creative yet simple flow, offering a challenge utilizing pranayama to achieve these challenges and obtain a blissful feeling!  It is her goal to enable others to cultivate peace and happiness on and off the mat!

    kara unal, ryt- yoga instructor

    kara has been practicing yoga since 2000. originally a classically trained violinist, she turned to yoga to relieve stress and anxiety associated with performing. she attended law school and practiced as an attorney for four years, but realized she was most at peace on the mat. she received her 200 hour teacher training through All About Yoga in Las Vegas, NV in May 2014. kara moved to Los Angeles to pursue further yoga training, and completed her 300 hour teacher training with YogaWorks, mentoring with Alexandria Crow, in July 2015.

    kara teaches yoga as a tool for students to notice patterns of movement and behavior in their bodies and minds. she incorporates alignment principles and safe sequencing into her restorative and therapeutic classes, and seeks to help students find a practice that benefits them outside of the yoga classroom.

    nishi sheth, ryt – yoga instructor

    Nishi is a social worker who is constantly inspired by the youth she works with – they are a daily reminder of the love, strength, flexibility, and beauty within each of us.

    She first stepped onto a yoga mat during a difficult time in her life several years ago, drawn in by the idea of a physical release. She was very surprised to discover that her most life-changing transformations from her practice have been on a deeper, internal level. She believes that yoga is a pathway towards connecting mind, body, and soul. Recently certified with  a 200 hour training, Nishi emphasizes mindfulness, awareness, acceptance and gratitude into her classes and ensures that there is a safe, non-judgmental environment where her students can explore their own expression and connection to their practice.

    She often hears people say they aren’t flexible or strong enough, but there is a form of yoga for anyone and everyone – even if that just means showing up, taking some time, and breathing. “It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you begin.” –Robin Sharma"

    shellini spencer, ryt – yoga instructor

    After leaving the corporate IT world, she became a wife and mother. She spent 6 years volunteering in the Matawan / Aberdeen School District, before becoming a homeschooling mother of 2 awesome children.

    Her first experience with yoga was in the summer of 2013 at Tula and she was hooked. Interested in teacher training, she wanted to offer family yoga classes to promote holistic health, wellness and family bonding to the local community. Shelli received her 200 YTT at Tula Yoga in Jan 2017 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

    While in training, she enjoyed all types of yoga, and quickly discovered her passion for Restorative, Yin Yoga, Hatha, Meditation and Reiki. She is grateful to have learned from some of the most amazing teachers, while having the utmost support and enthusiasm from her family and friends.

    She is a Reiki Master Teacher and loves to incorporate the use of essential oils, temple massages, Reiki and even a little Native American Flute and Steel Tongue Drum playing into her classes.

    She firmly believes, it's ok to laugh and have fun while doing Yoga. She believes in the healing abilities Yoga has to offer the mind, body and soul. She wishes to pass along that sense of calmness and mindfulness to her students when they leave her class, so they may take that feeling with them for the rest of the day and into their lives. Her style of teaching comes from the heart and a place of happiness and deep relaxation.

    alicia lundgren, ryt – yoga instructor

    Alicia has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and teaching for a year. She graduated from her 200 Hour RYT Training last summer and has not stopped learning since!

    Alicia found yoga as a way to stay active during college. Although she loved the physical practice, she found that the breathing techniques and meditation were what kept her coming back.

    Yoga has helped her to calm her anxiety, provide relief from headaches, and overall increased her strength and flexibility.

    Her teaching revolves around having fun with the poses, and keeping the students present during each class to calm their minds. She is eager to begin her journey here and excited to share her practice with all of you!

    laura satya attis, ryt – yoga instructor

    laura a. has been teaching yoga since 2003.  certified at Integral Yoga Institute New York City, she holds several other teacher training certifications, including Yoga Therapy part 1 at Integral Yoga Institute and Little Flower Yoga part 1 with Jennifer Cohen.   in 2008, laura was employed as a Bent On Learning teacher and taught yoga in New York City schools.  After moving to New Jersey  in 2010,  she decided to volunteer at the library in her neighborhood and now she teaches a children’s yoga class there.

    laura teaches hatha yoga in the traditional integral yoga style, integrating the various aspects of the body-mind through a combination of postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and meditation. she is committed to making yoga accessible to all, any age or condition, group classes or one on one.

    kelly dobbs, ryt – yoga instructor

    kelly came to yoga in 1998 from a shoulder injury that put her outta commission for 2 years, from an active athletic life.  forward through 16 years of highs, lows, joys, loves, training education and experience kelly teaches a blend of elements from several hatha yoga styles, integrating the breath, movement, and alignment principles to create balanced, peaceful and challenging experiences to strengthen and grow.

    she invites you to further create and share, what can be and who you are.  kelly continues to experience a loving life in and through God and healthy lifestyles and education through a masters in psychology and certifying as a community health worker in new jersey.