what is yoga?

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yoga = yoke
yoke what?
yoke you.

we all know stress = disease or functioning without ease.
yoga teaches us to relax, calming your central nervous system, allowing your
body & mind to function from a place of optimum health & clarity.
essentially learning to manage your life with ease – mentally & physically.

the practice of yoga can be gentle, moderate, or vigorous. each class includes centering, pranayama (breathing), postures, meditation, and ends with a period of deep relaxation to revitalize the respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive, and other major systems of the body.

yoga 101:
stretching and balancing, while breathing smoothly.
a forward folding that no longer aches
try restorative (happy hour), gentle flow, multi-level or any basic flow classes to start!

yoga 102:
the basics are down…
we can start to perfect the postures focusing on alignment through awareness,
adding strength & gaining more flexibility in the body
try any basic classes, the happy hour, or rise & shine or super slow hot flow classes

yoga 103:
moving through the postures with ease
awareness and concentration in your breath & movements.
a willingness to delve into more challenging poses
you can benefit from any class, you may enjoy a hot flow, super slow flow,
yoga for core strengthening or soulful flow class

vinyasa yoga – also called ‘yoga flow’ synchronizes breath with movement, flowing through postures on the inhale and exhale. when finding your own personal flow between movement and breath it can feel like a dance or moving meditation.

yoke you.
your mind, your body, your soul.
traversing yourself gently,
with kindness and appreciation.
a time to quite the mind,
to listen practicing patience,
to enjoy practicing gratitude,
to challenge practicing strength,
to breathe practicing presence,
and to fill yourself up with all the energy
YOU want to put forward in YOUR life.