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    Last August I took the first step in a journey that has changed my life. Turning sixty, I felt I needed something other than lifting weights and cardio. Yoga always intrigued me but hey, yoga is for girls, right?
    After my first class, well, this was as tough as any workout I had ever experienced. I feel better in mind and body. In addition, losing over 20 pounds was a unexpected benefit, as well as relief of chronic lower back pain.
    I cannot say enough about the instructors, each bringing their own personal touch to their classes and as a beginner they made me feel welcome and at ease from day one.
    Thank you Yoga Dosha.

    Jeffrey Kass

    "Every lesson brings a new experience and perspective, I am feeling more balanced, harmonized and my inner state feels calm. I have a tremor that my doctors have not been able to diagnose. I'm grateful to Phebe for her inspiration and advice, she has guided me to practice certain yoga positions, and the tremor has been improving! I am also grateful to share time with a group of people who carry an inspiring spirit - it keeps me feeling stronger! No matter what class you choose, this place is good for your mind & body."

    Olga Pankiv

    Last year I had a sharp pain starting from my back down my right leg.  I learned from my friends that this was my psciatic nerve acting up.  I could barely walk, sitting and laying down were uncomfortable too.  Instead of going to a doctor I decided to try yoga . Thank the Lord!!!!!

    As a man I was skeptical, I liked working out but didn't believe "stretching" was of such importance . After just two classes though the psiatic pain was gone and I decided to keep going to yoga classes . While at first it was kind of awkward clumsily stretching in front of limber people , this soon passed as I realized that little by little I was becoming more flexible .
    At first I would go to one class a week, but soon it was up to 4-5.  In a year my body transformed in a way lifting and cardio at the gym could never accomplish. My posture, cardiovascular system, core (six pack on a good day), shoulder alignment, everyday sitting, walking and standing have all improved ten-fold.  More importantly however, yoga has improved my mood and general well being .
     The instructors at yoga dosha are all fantastic and uniquely good in their own special way.  Always welcoming and never intimidating, Phebe, Kelly , and Alaina thank you for all of your efforts ,  Much love and respect!!

    Raphael Rocha

    I recently became an empty-nester and became recommitted to taking care of myself.  Yoga is a perfect answer for all my goals for this new 2.0 life I plan to live - to learn to relax more (I’m a crazy type A high stress individual), improve my posture, reconnect with my body and my own needs and get in shape. I absolutely LOVE Phebe and the lovely instructors at Yoga Dosha; they have incredible patience with this 53 year old and support me as a beginner and with all my limitations. Recently I injured my rotator cuff and they’ve given me customized poses and instructions to help me. I’ve really seen a difference already in both my mind and body. Thank you.

    Emily Cohen

    Prior to starting private yoga sessions with Phebe last May, I’ve experienced low back pain that prevented me from doing the things I love, like shopping, baking and cooking. I lived on Advil, which only provided some relief. After a few months of yoga twice a week I started to feel some improvement. I never thought the day would come that I would actually forget I ever had back issues, but it has.  Phebe’s personal attention has given me my life back to enjoy!!!

    Maryanne Rack

    When I was a little younger I loved yoga and what it did for my mind and body. As I got older; a career, a move, a relationship, and many of the other things that life throws at you popped up and I stopped my practice. I realized in May that I wasn't my best self. I had gained a lot of weight, my energy level was low, and I was anxious all the time. I knew I needed a change so it was then that I took my first class at Yoga Dosha. That first class was all I needed! I left knowing that I had started my journey to wellness and for the first time in a long time I felt grounded. Not only do all the teachers at Yoga Dosha give a great class, they make you feel like you are family. For the first time in a long time I truly love myself! The sense of love and community I feel when I go to class has been a major support on my journey to wellness and I am forever grateful that I found Yoga Dosha. I want to give a special thank you to Phebe and Kaitlin as they have been integral teachers and mentors on the path to wellness.

    Kristen Brophy